Born and raised by NYC, I enjoyed creating and sketching design from various interests. Drawing developed through years. By time later, grown by pastel portraiture, I was fascinated by the human face, especially from celebrities. Later, “pen&ink” learned of additional efforts.
Eventually, becoming an adult, then - with family, children and career - life changed. Unfortunately, with priority, the desire of artistic expression was weakened.
However, movement to Missouri, a career of heavy travel brought me awakening a world and found an artistic love with photography. Starting discovery, I religiously carried 35mm cameras (Canon T70 for a long time – 2 cameras: one for B&W and one for color) and equipment.  Time and direction put me from Wyoming, Utah, Arizona, California, Ohio, Missouri, Illinois and Arkansas.  Searching views of mystery were shooting me everywhere. Photography came around nature, people and interesting scenes. Also, personal photojournalism was always importance for me to see, view and shoot the history of life. Finally, the driven desire of photography used me focused completely.  Later, my career business took me toward the direction specifically of St. Louis. With there, I searched, driving everywhere of history, society, architecture and nature, shooting everything. Then, my pen&ink work soon evolved as the circle of my life.  
The original learning of photography became the inspiration of Ansel Adams. I admired his work and I sought to become exploring, imaginary, creative and descriptive as is Ansel Adams.  Finally, analog inspiration became digital creative technology discovered me the possibility of 2000-2005 technology with exploration and experimentation. Nevertheless, sketching and drawing brought me to later years with artistic work. Now, the use of photography technology with software combined between the imaginary of my hand with pen and pencil, artistic expression is wonderful.   Unique media meld, shared and combined: both accept and provide; each with detail, contrast, tonality and, even now, luminosity.
Now, long time, life once again changed.  Home became from the East Coast, Mid West, then, the West Coast. Sent by Shangra Li (the desert), life reinvigorated me excited. Karma takes the circle of soul.  Artistic processes, questions and searching use a full desire. Today, my work is generally studied classically, gothic, macabre, gently and shocking - always trying to bring myself mystified in nature, perception and surprise, working  by both photography and drawing.  The evolution of photographic and drawing stretches ideas, original fascination and complexity of mystery ever found by exclamation. ​​​​​​​
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